Parent Information

School Hours   

Morning session 9.00 - 12.00 (Nursery 8.50 - 11.50)

Afternoon session 1.00 - 3.15

Main School: Children and parents may come onto the premises from 8.45am to play on the playground but will remain the responsibility of the parent/carer until the bell rings at 8.50am. The children will then be collected by staff to be taken into their classrooms for registration, after which the entrance door will be locked and late arrivals should report to and sign in at the School Office. A member of staff will be available for messages from 8.50am.  Unaccompanied Year 4 children should not arrive at school before 8.45am. 

All children are expected to be in school by 9.00am for registration. Once on the school premises, no child is allowed to leave until 3.15pm unless permission has been sought from the Head Teacher and either a parent or authorised carer is collecting the child from the school.

Nursery: Our school nursery sessions are 8.50am to 11.50am.  We ask nursery children to arrive at 8.50am and we provide opportunities to “stay and play” to settle new starters into the routines of the morning.

Consultations and Reports

Parent/Teacher Consultations will take place twice a year with a written report in the Summer Term. For children in Year 2 this will include the National Curriculum assessments. Parents are encouraged to make appointments with teachers at any time during the year if you have any queries or concerns.

Work at home

Homework is set as described in the termly topic web for each class, and we also encourage the children to share with you the work they have been doing in school. This could be in the form of playing games to help with spelling, number work and tables. Children could also be helped to find out about the current topic. Great emphasis is placed on parental involvement in our reading programme. We ask you to ‘share’ books with your children for approximately ten minutes daily. An information leaflet is available each half term, for parents to support their child’s learning.


On occasions the children make educational visits to support their learning in particular areas of the curriculum. For some activities a voluntary contribution will be requested and the activity will only take place if sufficient funds are forthcoming.

Absence from School

Please ring school before 9.00am if your child is going to be absent from school that day, this includes nursery children. Unexplained absences are looked into by the Educational Welfare Officer.


If a child is involved in an accident or is taken ill at school, arrangements will be made, if necessary, for immediate medical attention, and parents will be informed as soon as possible. Alternatively, a parent/authorised carer will be contacted so as to enable them to take the child home. All parents are requested to provide an emergency telephone number and address. This information should always be kept up to date.

Administration of medicines must be discussed with the Head Teacher. Children who need constant medication will require special provision, which can be organised with parents.

School Meals

Lunch time plays a very important part in the life of the school with children having their meals in a relaxed and orderly manner. Currently all the children remain at school during the lunch hour, and whilst it is preferred for the children to have a school meal, it is possible for children to bring a packed lunch. School meals are cooked on the premises and the kitchen staff ensure that the best possible meals are provided to give the children a healthy, well balanced diet.

Lunch consists of a two course meal and the menu is carefully designed to satisfy the nutritional needs of young children. Special diets are also catered for. Particular attention is given to teaching good table manners and the correct use of cutlery.

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are currently entitled to a free school meal under the Government's Universal Free School Meals initiative.

Dinner Money

Payment should be made to the school secretary each Monday morning, or in advance half termly. The cost is currently £10.00 per week with cheques made payable to Northumberland County Council.


Milk is provided free of charge for children in Nursery and Reception up until the term that the child has their fifth birthday. Milk may then be purchased at a cost of £14 per term, payable in advance with cheques made payable to Northumberland County Council.