Our Ethos and Values

At Rothbury First School, our wish for our children is to:

be the best that you can be by doing the best that you can do’.

We want our children to have high expectations, independence, confidence, self-esteem and a sense of responsibility for others as well as themselves. We aim to create a caring and positive environment where children feel happy and secure. We help children to treat others the way that they would like to be treated themselves, and we aim to support each child to fulfill their potential in all subjects of the curriculum and in all aspects of school life.

We will:

  • provide a broad and balanced curriculum through which all children develop the basic skills of communication, literacy and numeracy
  • promote the health and well being of children
  • give opportunities for children to develop an appreciation of and curiosity about their world
  • foster in children a recognition of and an understanding of people’s differences and similarities
  • help children to understand how their actions affect others and to develop a sense of what is right and wrong
  • prepare children to play their part in the community
  • provide a caring environment in which children feel secure and happy and are able to adapt to different situations
  • treat each child as an individual and build on their strengths
  • welcome and support families, governors and the people of the community to contribute to the life of the school