Online Safeguarding

At Rothbury First School we have a whole-school approach to E-Safety.  Children feel safe to report concerns to any member of staff and we are lucky to have Mrs Brotherton who is trained as a CEOP Ambassador and Mr Grimes who is ThinkUKnow trained.  Incidents concerning e-safety are dealt with in school and parents are informed as soon as any issues arise.
It is important to realise that e-safety issues are not issues that only happen elsewhere.  Any community that has online access can fall victim to criminals, whether for financial or other gain.  Children in rural communities can be targeted simply because the predator may think they may not be as online-aware as other children.
Children access online services in a variety of ways.  It is vital that we teach children to use these services in a responsible way to ensure that they stay safe.  Please talk to your children about online safety - they will surprise you with what they know and you may learn new ways to keep yourself safe online!
We will hold regular parent meetings to update you with any information we get, this could be about new online threats or apps that children could be using that could cause problems.  However, if you have any issues or worries that you would like to bring to the school's attention then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mrs Brotherton or Mr Grimes, either via this link or in person.
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Useful Websites for Parents, Carers and Children

This recent issue of the Times Educational Supplement highlights the work different agencies are doing to protect our children online.  Their work can only be successful if there is a strong partnership between parents/carers, schools and law enforcement agencies.  Never think that this could not happen to children in our community.