The Nursery provides places for 26 children every morning. The Nursery is housed in a large colourful classroom, divided into bays for a variety of activities. There is direct access to a fenced outdoor play area.


The Reception classroom is next to the Nursery room. It is a large classroom divided into a quieter work area and an art and craft area for messy activities. There is access to the fenced outdoor play area too. The children are integrated with the main school.


The curriculum that is provided in Nursery and Reception, takes full account of the Foundation Stage for 3 to 5 year olds, in the core areas of learning:
       Personal, Social and Emotional Development,
       Communication, and Language,
       Physical Development,
and the prime areas of learning:
      Understanding the World, and
      Expressive Arts and Design.
Fun and enjoyment are seen to be very important in the education of under fives. Activities are carefully planned to provide the children with opportunities to develop concepts, skills and knowledge, which will form a firm foundation for later learning and transition into Key Stage 1 and the National Curriculum.